Anon M3 185651 Smoke 032 80mm

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Anon M3

The excellent M3 goggles include all of Anon's best technology epitomizing performance and style. They have a super easy to use interchangeable lens system, and facemask integration that will keep your vision crystal clear and free of fog! The M3 goggles feature Anon's innovative Magna-Tech quick lens change technology. This is a quick and simple system that uses 14 rare earth magnets in the frame which match up with magnets on the lens to give a super secure gapless fit. To change the lens simply pop off and replace it with the included spare lens. Magna-tech is so easy, the lens can be changed without even needing to take the goggles off your head. The M3 goggles also feature the revolutionary MFI system which utilises Anon's tried and tested magnetic tech. Anon have created a facemask which can be snapped to the lower frame of the goggles and securely held in place. Normally when riding if you place a facemask too close to the frame of the goggles it causes warm air to condense inside the goggle creating irritating fog that can hinder vision. Fog is a thing of the past with the M3 goggles as the facemask attaches to the perfect point on the goggles to keep optimum airflow and keep the lens clear so you can see everything no matter how cold! This particular goggle does not feature a facemask, but compatible facemasks are available via our website. In addition to these awesome features the M3 comes with Anon's top technology to create one of the best ski/snowboard goggles on the market. The Thermoplastic Polyurethane frame is soft and durable and will conform to fit any face and triple layer face foam provides tonnes of comfort as well as wicking away moisture and sealing out the elements. An excellent anti fog treatment twinned with full venting prevents the build-up of moisture providing crystal clear vision in all conditions. Pick up a pair of the M3 goggles if you want to eliminate the annoyance of fog, and want the ability to swap out your lenses in seconds! Features: Magna-Tech Quick Change Lens - The world’s only magnetic lens change system allowing you to switch lenses in a matter of seconds without having to take off gloves, get fingerprints on the lens or even take them off your face. 14 rare earth magnets across 7 points of connection give a secure hold, which stays perfectly in place whilst riding, Wall-To-Wall Vision - A lower profile frame design with 40% thinner face foam provides an ultra-close fit that eliminates peripheral vision impairment, ICT - Integral Clarity Technology is a chemical anti-fog treatment that etches the surface of the lens to prevent moisture build up. This never fades and doesn't wipe off so your vision will always stay crystal clear, Full Perimeter Channel Venting - Ensures maximum airflow through the frame pulling in fresh air whilst venting hot air and moisture. This works with ICT anti-fog to ensure your vision stays clear, Triple Layer Face Foam - 3 layers of face foam of varying densities provide a seal between the goggles and your face to seal out the elements whilst wicking sweat to keep you dry and comfortable, TPU Frame - Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane stays soft and flexible in all conditions to seal out the elements and give a comfortable fit for any face shape, No-Slip Silicone Strap - Keeps the strap on place, on the head, or on the helmet, MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) - Magnets on the bridge of the goggle match up with the nose of a specially designed facemask to give a perfect fit and to prevent fogging usually associated with wearing a face mask with goggles. (Please note, this particular model does not include a facemask, but they are available via our website), Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece - This facemask is made from Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece which keeps your face warm and comfortable, whilst keeping your goggles free of fog, OTG Compatible - Discreet cut outs in the frame allow these goggles to be worn over the majority of prescription glasses, Zeiss Sonar Lens Compatible - Compatible with Zeiss Sonar lenses providing supreme vision and enhanced contrast across a wider range of conditions.

Colour code: 032
Colour: Smoke
Lens category: 1

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